We have been providing quality and professional general labour, across East Anglia since 2012. Although supplying drivers to the transport and logistics industry was our core business, we were continually asked if we could supply general labour. With the absence of a credible local agency supplying GLA labour we decided to move into this area.

This side of the business has gone from strength to strength and we currently offer fully qualified personnel to a multitude of different businesses across East Anglia.

We are fully regulated by the Gangmasters Licencing Authority with our unique reference number ULTI0002.  (This can be checked on the www.gla.gov.uk website)

We pride ourselves on our service and our 24/7 , 365 days per year contact.

Our offer to the companies that we partner with is simple, “if you have a problem and that problem is staff, let that problem become our problem as we guarantee, whatever you need we can and will make it happen.

As our managing director, Danny Haskett often quotes “Need staff? Need them tomorrow? No problem, even if it means doing the job myself…..” Incidentally this has happened on more than one occasion, that Danny has covered a job.

As our business partner we will provide you with staff that you can rely on. As a minimum we can guarantee all staff provided to our business partners will be:

  • Provided with suitable experience to meet clients expectations.
  • Fully Conversant in Manual Handling and Safe Working Practices (these are provided in each supplied staffing file)
  • Guaranteed all relevant permits, licences and certificates.
  • Experienced
  • Motivated
  • Professional
  • Guaranteed To Turn Up
  • Carry All Necessary Identity Cards & Documentation
  • Supplied With All Necessary Personal Protection Equipment (PPF) 

We work to an ethical approach and equal opportunities and will only place the best candidates with our clients. All staff are interviewed fully by our staff and guaranteed to be suitable for the job required.

We work with our clients to ensure all the information they need is at their fingertips ensuring full records that are compliant to all regulations are maintained.

We currently provide staff in the following ,but not limited to, areas:

Office Staff


Forklift Drivers ( Counter Balance, Reach, Bendi, Telescopic)

Land Workers

Food Production/Manufacture

Tree Surgeons

If you are currently in need of staff, or would simply like to enquire for the future, Please give our dedicated Labour manager a call on 01366 388499 or email labour@ultimateworkforce.co.uk.