I Tell You What I Want, What I Really Really Want…..

You may start reading this post thinking what have a staffing agency and a popular 90’s girl band got in common?   Not a lot really, apart from the title of this blog post is also lyrics from one of their most popular songs.

This article is really about how to find high quality employees and most importantly how to keep hold of them.

One thing that companies assume influences a new employee the most is renumeration. Now whilst this is important it doesn’t stop there. Employees are looking for so much more than just an increase in salary these days. Lets have a look at what they want, what they really really want.

  1. Company Culture:
    Sounds like a bit of a cliche, but what is company culture? Company culture can be defined as “a set of shared values, goals, attitudes and practices that characterise an organisation” as set out in the following article at builtin.com

    Future employees want to work at the very best of companies. They want to know that the company recognises that it is important that all employees play a part in defining a companies culture and that everybody should be able to contribute. They want to know that their voice will be heard, ideas will be openly received and considered. A company that does not have a defined culture, that doesn’t have defined goals, structure and a great employee experience, will quickly find it’s employees quickly become disconnected and unproductive.

  2. Reputation:
    Reputation is a big one in that nobody wants to work for a company that doesn’t have a great reputation…..and with the modern day we live in reputation is everything. Future employees can pretty much get a snap shot of a company’s reputation, in five minutes, using a google search. We live in a digital age, there is no hiding anymore, companies are visible through a multitude of social channels. As sad as it sounds, bad news is often promoted more than good news.
    With sites such as Glassdoor and other review sites, new employees can access a multitude of information, such as salaries, what it is like to work there as well as all the negatives!!
    If a companies online reputation is not painting an accurate picture of the company, it is paramount they do something about it, as not everybody has the ability to read between the lines. People always buy what they see!

  3. Perks & Benefits
    Although renumeration is probably one of the biggest factors that will attract a new employee, many will also be attracted by perks and benefits. Some will also accept less pay, if the perks and benefits offered are more aligned to their work life balance.If a company wants to attract the best employees, they need to be offering more than their competitors are, but this doesn’t necessarily need to be measured in monetary terms.  Flexible start and finish times, working from home, bike to work schemes, birthday off, duvet days…are all things that can be offered, that appeal to employees work life balance.

  4. Progress
    : New employees want to know that they have a clear path to progression. Is there the chance of promotion,? will I be able to improve my skills (training)?, will I be given extra responsibility? are all questions that future employees will be asking themselves. The very best employees will not want to be standing still. A company that can actively answer these questions, before they are asked, is further around the curve of attracting the very best employees.

  5. Appreciation
    : Nobody likes to thingk that they are not appreciated. New employees need to know that if they put the effort in and achieve great work, they will be recognised. The recognition does not necessarily have to be provided in monetary terms, recognising good work, in front of other employees, can go a lot further than cash bonus. Recognising good work in front of other employees, automatically shows an employee that they are valued and appreciated.

Although the above is not a finite list of what new employees it is a pretty good start in what they are after.

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