10 Benefits Of Working For A Staffing Agency


10 Benefits Of Working For A Staffing Agency


A lot of people view working for a staffing agency as a bad thing …where as here at Ultimate Workforce, we believe that there are plenty of positives that provide great benefits for working for an agency..


We have put together our top 11 benefits for working for a staffing agency:


  1. Working for an agency is a great stop gap if you are at a crossroads in your career
  2. Choose your own hours:- You have the ability to work as and when you desire. 
  3. Learn new/different skills:- Many positions will have a degree of on site training. Great for your CV.
  4. Good rates of pay :- Depending on the role and level of skill involved.
  5. Speed – You can be in work as quick as the next day…..we have been known to get people work the same day!
  6. Often leads to a permanent position: – A lot of employees placed on a temporary basis, lead on to full time positions with the employer.
  7. Ability to try different roles: Most agencies have a lot of different jobs that they can place people into. If one job doesn’t suit, it is easy to swap into another job.
  8. Options: – By signing up with an agency, you then open yourself up to more than just 1 job, you also get exposed to jobs that are not necessarily on the open market.
  9. Back Up: – You have the backup of the agency staff, should you need any help or on going support.
  10. Guarantee – Providing you work hard, you will technically never be out of work, if one job finishes, the agency will always have other jobs that you can move onto.


If you have used our services before to find a job whether it was permanent or temporary we would love to hear from you. 

Additionally, if you can think of any other benefits we have not mentioned please leave us a comment.

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In the meantime, if you are currently looking for a new job then please do not hesitate to get in contact with us 01366 388499 or via our website www.ultimateworkforce.co.uk 

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