Did You Know!…….

Did You Know!……..


Ultimate Workforce Ltd is the only local specialist agency supplying HGV drivers, that actually hold HGV licences ourselves. In fact we have 3 members of staff that hold full HGV licences.


This may seem no great feat, however it does have big benefits to our customers and their businesses.


Our HGV qualified staff, have all worked within the haulage industry. This puts us in a position of greater understanding, over and above an agency that is just simply providing drivers, with no real knowledge of how the industry works. 


Our knowledge means we understand the headaches that are caused by not having enough drivers.


We understand the implications of vehicles standing idle because you are a driver short and that letting your customer down is not an option.


Most importantly though It means that we can always guarantee to fill a driver in an emergency situation. If we haven’t got an agency driver available, we will come and do the job ourselves. 


That is a service that no other agency can or probably would offer………..


For further details of the solutions that we can offer, please call Rick on 01366 388499 or email transport@ultimateworkforce.co.uk

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